Avocado Oil
100% Pure Avocado Oil,
500℉ Smoke Point!
NET WT. 16.9FL OZ(500ml) Available
Nonpareil, Carmel, California, Mission
Whole / Sliced / Natural / Roasted
Size 18/20 to 30/32 Available
US No 1 & 2 Grade Non GMO,
GMO Available
Animal Fodder Available
Defatted Soybean
Non-GMO and GMO Available
5 to 18 Mesh
Easily Digestible For Animals
Top Quality Flour for Variety Kinds
Wheat Flour for Bread
All Testing Methods AACC Approved
Organic Flour
Hampton Organic All Purpose Flour
Organic Whole Wheat Flour
Organic Bread Flour
US NO 1 & 2 Grade Non-GMO
CFR Destination Port Pricing Available
14% Max of Moisture
Various Wheat Available Including:
Hard Red Spring; Hard Red Winter
Soft White; Soft Red Winter
Canola Meal
Passed Physical & Chemial Tests
Based on Method AOCS Ba
Specification Available Upon Request
Distiller’s Dried Grains
Rich in Cereal and Yeast Proteins
Comprise 20-30% of the Ration DM
Soybean Meal
High in Protein and Energy
Commonly Used Protein Supplements
Swine and Poultry Feed